“The Hill” Noosa Hillclimb November 2014

My first ever Hill Climb event. Arrived on Friday afternoon and unloaded the trailer. Was taken for a leisurely drive up the hill by Len Falknau, to give me an idea what I had got myself into. One of the other drivers described the track to me, “There are 14 turns, and 14 of them are dangerous”.

The first run of the weekend is timed but doesnt count towards official times. Lucky for me. After replacing the 1.3 with another 1.6, it seems I had forgotten to tighten the nuts on the throttle cable, so at turn ten when it decided to slip off, I had no accelerator. No problem, jump out, tighten it by hand and finish the run.

A few overheating problems during racing on saturday with temps reaching around 130 degrees after the 1500m climb. Sunday morning was an early start, and a new radiator. Temps are back to normal now. Seeing the temp at 72 degrees after my first run was much better.

Noosa Hill Climb is an awesome event, and one I will continue to compete at. I’ll be aiming to get under 70 seconds at the next one. My best time for the weekend was 70.87 seconds.