Duncan Harrison

Who Am I

My name is Duncan Harrison, I was born and raised in southeast QLD and currently reside in and run a small company from Dalby QLD. 12791032_981772358581499_9034787788662419983_n

I have a thrill seeking personality, I have held passenger rating in gliders, completed a defence force parachuting course, bungee jumped and generally lived life at full speed.


I have been competing in motorsport when funds allowed since 1997.

the team

Unfortunately it wasn’t often that funds did allow.

I have managed to place well relying on my skill, driving cars such as a stock 1972 KE20 corolla, a stock and worn out 1986 Ford laser and a basically stock 1992 charade. It wasn’t until 2014 that I finally managed to build a reasonably competitive car and start a small race team with close friends and family called CrunkenSlide Racing.
The car, a modified 1974 ke20 Toyota corolla affectionately called Smurfette.
I have always had a passion for speed

I have always relied on my skill and not my budget

At events I generate much interest in my driving style. I get the attention of officials and spectators alike for driving to the max! People tell me I am crazy or I drive like I’m possessed but I am not! I am just able to pedal a car as though it is an extension of myself.
dunc standing with smurf
From an early age I had dirt bikes, and was fortunate enough to drive cars from about 11 years old. I learnt to drive on dirt, I learnt to drive fast, i learnt to drive sideways.. that’s right fast and sideways on dirt! A nearby rally driving local legend saw the potential in me and gave me a few pointers and allowed me to train on his practice track. It is difficult to explain my ability behind the wheel, it is as if I become one with the car, I know what it’s going to do before it does it, I can feel what it wants and needs. I don’t need to force my control of the car, it comes naturally. Although I still enjoy driving on dirt, I find in recent years my passion has moved to racing on blacktop where I have had much success.

In all state level events I have competed without mechanical issues I have placed top 3 in class.

I competed in the T86RS and finished 13/35 competitors after only receiving points from 3 of the seasons 5 rounds.


smsp 11th!

Race results

AARG Rally sprint Tara 97 1st junior, 4th outright.
AARG Khanacross 2002 2nd in class
Hirstglen dirt sprints 2009 2nd in class
Hirstglen dirt sprints 2009 1ST OUTRIGHT
Oakey street sprints 2012 3rd in class
Gatton street sprints 2012 3rd in class
Willowbank raceway 2012 2ND 2WD
Oakey street sprints 2013 3rd in class
Gatton street sprints 2013 2nd in class
Gatton street sprints 2014 1ST IN CLASS
Oakey street sprints 2014 1ST IN CLASS
Gatton street sprints 2015 1ST IN CLASS
Noosa “The Hill” 2015 1ST IN CLASS
Morgan Park Super sprints 2016 3rd in class
Gatton Street Sprints 2016 1ST IN CLASS
Morgan Park QLD Championships 2016 3rd in Class
Morgan Park Super Sprints 2016 3rd in class
T86RS championship 2016 13th/35 competitors
Gatton Street Sprints 2017 1st in class
24Hr lemons Night event QR 2018 1st Rookie