Track Cameras Australia


Crunkenslide Racing’s Track Cameras Australia specialize in providing and installing high quality, effective and affordable CCTV at race venues for judicial processes, the security of the site and safety of members and patrons.

in 2018 we have Re-branded and combined our two businesses and passions from 20+ years of racing and security.
We have raced at Bathurst and completed electronic security installations at many “Big 4 bank’s” premises.

Our attention is now focused on custom designing camera systems for Go Kart, speedway, tin-tops (and other) tracks/clubs around Australia.

Rigorous testing of over 30 cameras has provided a huge base of technical knowledge on which style and budget camera suits particular jobs.

Recently installed tracks have reported a dramatic decrease, not only in the amount of on track incidents, but also protests, due to the fact that the cameras don’t lie!

“I personally pride myself on providing a high level of quality, and delivering a Track Camera system perfectly suited to the individual needs and budgets of various organisations.”
Duncan Harrison
Trustee and Manager

We have some sample footage available, please contact us for sample footage and or more information.